Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Still kickin'

Hey all, I'm not dead - quite the opposite, in fact. SFI has been taking time during this brief hiatus to get in the studio to record some of our favorite songs. We're about halfway done, but now comes the fun part of post-editing (blah). In the meantime, we have a show coming up this Saturday at the UND Memorial Ballroom from 9-11:30. There is a freewill donation at the door, after that it's party time.

Dr. Jim Popejoy, director of bands at UND, and I have been performing a vibes/keys jazz chamber duo at Archives coffee house. You can catch us the first Tuesday of every month from 8:00-10:00 PM.

On the side, I'm teaching private lessons two nights a week as well as individual lessons at UND, which is keeping me plenty busy. If you're interested, drop me a line; I have a few slots left.

Also, the past two weeks I've been filling in for trombonist Tom Wogsland in the River City Jazz trio, while he is recovering from a bug. I actually get to pick up my sax, which is a blast to play again. You can see myself, along with Kris Eylands (guitarist of Jazz on Tap fame), and Steve Carriere (basso extraordinaire) at L'Bistro this Thursday at 8:00. Too bad there isn't a monorail to get you there...

There are other SFI shows coming up, including a reprise of the Alyson Gilbert gig, on tap for this summer.

I've also been playing at church and having a lot of fun doing it. Playing at church was my first gig on keyboards, back in 1997 and if you're on my facebook, you can see pictures to that affect.

And no, I haven't been struck by lightning... yet. :)

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horn band!