Saturday, August 2, 2008

Grand Forks' loss is Ann Arbor's Gain

I promise I'm going to try to keep this blog from becoming an obituary of musicians that leave Grand Forks. Nonetheless, I feel compelled to eulogize:

John Behling has finally moved on to finish his dissertation in musicology at Michigan after a long, hard battle in Grand Forks. We knew the time was coming, and we were prepared, but it's still hard letting a fellow musician and friend go. John leaves behind two bands, and he was preceded in leaving by a few others. I've heard Ann Arbor is a nice place - the streets are paved with gold and there are cherubs with lutes in every bar. John is probably sitting at the right hand of a cold Stella right now, ready to plug his guitar in and light up the town. So rock on, John - we'll miss ya. The Forks was a better place for havin' known ya.