Saturday, September 27, 2008

Women's show

SFI played the Women's Show at the Alerus today. I thought we played well, but we were kind of stuffed into a corner where nobody was. If you saw us and liked what you heard, please let us know! We are available to do pretty much any kind of event.

On another note, my lessons schedule is filling up fast. If you're interested in jazz bass, sax, or piano lessons, give me a shout before I run out of slots.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Third time's a charm

The last two Farmer's Market gigs I've played were wrought with horrible weather: The first a full-blown gale (with about 5 cold and wet merchants braving the elements), the second was, well, just a full-blown gale.

Not so much today - the sun was shining, the breeze was light, and the air was welcomely crisp. Jazz is, historically, music of the night. Being partially rooted in the underground, the cathouses and saloons of New Orleans, it can rarely be called a music of the morning. However, if there ever was a good morning for jazz, today was just... it.

Out of my three bands, the one named after me seems to be the most core - go figure. I've often related to friends and fellow musicians that way back in 7th grade, on my first-ever day of jazz band I was hooked from the very first downbeat. The journey since parallels the operational side of making jazz music - namely how it interacts differently and evolves each time you take the stage. It helps when you are surrounded by wonderful musicians.

Today was the welcome-back gig for drummer Greg Jans from his summer-at-home in Washington state. I like the way he plays - he's got a hell of an ear, really listens to what everybody else is doing and responds tastefully. It's good to have him back in GF. Chris, our trumpet and front-man was on his game and Steve, my right-hand dude if there ever was one, was solid as ever. Yeah, a good morning for jazz. I had fun - I hope everybody else there did, too.