Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Meltdown Fest

Popplers had our first Meltdown Fest last Saturday, which featured 8 local and one formerly local-ish metal bands. The show rocked; my ears are still bleeding. In fact, my 15,000-watt PA system with only the vocals running through it barely kept up with the backline gear from the bands. We're talking on the order of 125dB of metal!

The turnout was okay in the middle of the show, but I felt bad for the groups who played before 1:00. I think next time that'll be our start time as people don't seem to want to get out of bed before noon - a sentiment I thoroughly understand. But it went well enough that we're planning another show for sometime in the late summer/early fall timeline. It might not be exclusively metal next time, but we're going to start working on booking bands in the next couple of months. We do, however, plan on doing the Meltdown Fest as an annual April metal show.

Regardless, we've proven to ourselves that we can host these types of things, so sky's the limit! Hope to see you at the next one.

Oh yeah, the bands that played:

The Bismarck
A Bitter Hostility
The Offensive
Kentucky Sound Arsenal
Wheat Missile
Surrounded by Silence

Great job to all!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

229 Groove Collective

I've officially named my side-band.

We'll be laying down the jams this weekend at Sanders if you're in the mood to have great food, drinks, and fun music in a casual atmosphere. The 229 features John Behling on guitar and Chris Tanzey on trumpet as well as Steve Carriere on bass, Zach Spicer on drums, and me on keyboards. These guys are phenomenal players and if I haven't mentioned it already, Chris is pretty new to town and if you haven't seen him yet, prepare to be blown away.

See you there.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Weekly music digest and a note - April 7

Hey, I know it's a Monday, but with the Curling Championship in town I decided to post the weekly shows today in the interest of drumming up more support for local music.

You may have noticed I changed the format a little - I alluded to this before, but I'm basically C&Ping from Popplers Myspace site, with hopes that my blog will continue to reach additonal music-lovers out there that the store might miss. The weekly digest is also posted on our bulletin board at Popplers.

I'm going to try to stay on top of this every week and may do it as a Monday-morning ritual instead of Wednesday, when things are often hectic at work.

Here goes:

Monday Apr 7, 2008

Woodwind/Brasswind Ensemble Recital @ Josephine Campbell Recital Hall (UND) - 7:30P

Tuesday Apr 8, 2008

Concert @ Eagles - 6 bands @ Eagles Club - 6:00P

Rheude/Christopherson Faculty Recital @ Josephine Campbell Recital Hall (UND) - 7:30P

Open Mic @ Down UNDer - 9:30P

Open Mic @ The Hub Bar - 10:00P

Wednesday Apr 9, 2008

J. Bobby Hamilton @ Diamond Lounge - 9:00P

Open Mic @ Speedway - 9:00P

Grampa’s Amp @ The Blue Moose - 10:00P

Thursday Apr 10, 2008

Still Fighting It @ Broken Broom Lounge (REA) - 3:30P

Schroeder Middle School Musical @ Empire Arts Center - 7:00P

Jazz Jam @ Urban Stampede - 8:00P

Jazz on Tap @ ’l Bistro (Canad Inn) - 8:00P

J. Bobby Hamilton @ Diamond Lounge - 9:00P

Domino Affect @ O’Really’s Irish Pub - 9:00P

Open Mic @ Mike’s Pizza - 9:00P

Friday Apr 11, 2008

Identity 5 @ Longhaul Saloon - 9:00P

Fire @ Charlie Brown’s - 9:00P

J. Bobby Hamilton @ Diamond Lounge - 9:30P

229 Groove Collective @ Sanders - 10:00

Saturday Apr 12, 2008

Still Fighting It @ Broken Broom Lounge (REA) - 5:00P

Grand Forks Metal Fest @ Eagles Club - 6:00P

Identity 5 @ Longhaul Saloon - 9:00P

Fire @ Charlie Brown’s - 9:00P

J. Bobby Hamilton @ Diamond Lounge - 9:30P

Enchanted Ape @ Crosstown Lounge - 10:00P

229 Groove Collective @ Sanders - 10:00P

Sunday April 13, 2008

Hybris, The Offensive, The Neckties, Wheat Missile @ Empire Arts Center - 3:00P

Valley Chordsmen present Strictly A Cappella @ Red River High School Theater - 4:00P